A. Dolt

A.Dolt, a Rhode Island native, creates art as a form of self entertainment. Represented by OneWay, the artist uses oil and pencil on handcrafted panels to bring various characters to life, including the Ugly Messiah, Soup Head (photographed above) and Broken Bottle Head. 

Ominous at first sight, A.Dolt’s subjects garner reverence by way of short narratives on the canvas. The stories capture the magical, often beautiful idiosyncrasies that lie within each character. In addition to make-believe subjects, the artist assumes varied roles himself. A.Dolt creates under the aliases Evanna Johnson, TGW, Tykwon James and J.McGill — the pseudonym closest to his real name. In early 2014, all five artists of the mind came together for a group show at OneWay Gallery.